Plastic pollution

Why is plastic bad for the world?

Plastic is bad for the world because when you don’t recycle plastic or reuse it. When you just drop you plastic bottle and you don’t bother to pick it up it goes into the ocean and then our sea life thinks it is food and then they eat it. That can hurt a lot of sea life and next time can you put them in the recycle bin and think about all the sea life animals you are hurting.


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Commenting on other people’s posts


The least helpful for me is number 6 because she is saying that her sister is annoying and that she is happy that she is going. It is also the least helpful because it . is not talking about school work.

The most helpful for me is number 5 because she is saying nice things and she is saying how it helped her and she is saying how it made her think differently.

Country of Focus Week 6 – Cambodia


1. Where i got the flag of Cambodia

2. The continent that Cambodia is in is Asia.

3. The capital city that Cambodia is in is called Phnom Penh.

4. Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere.

5. The population of Cambodia is 16.72 million.

6. The national language of Cambodia is Khmer.

7. The currency of Cambodia is Cambodian riel.


8. One connection Cambodia has with Australia is that Australia started relations with Cambodia in 1952. 

9. The most interesting fact about Cambodia is that there is a building called Angkor Wat and that is the main reason tourists come to Cambodia.

10. The one that shared a border with Cambodia is Laos, Thailand and Vietnam 

200 words writing challenge

It was wintertime and I was drinking my hot chocolate. Suddenly, I heard a bang, at once I sprung from the couch to see what the bang was. It was my grandma she fell down the stairs. I called ambulance and turned out she was fine she was walking around the house. 


Then I went back to the couch and I could relax again but I was so scared, my grandma frightened me. She came and ask if she could sit next to me. I said yes, she had a blanket and a coffee and then we watched a movie.  



When the movie was finished, we opened the blinds and it was a snowstorm. We were freaking out. We couldn’t breathe. I was running around the house to see if I could find my dad, my grandma was sitting on the lounge. I found him and he didn’t know what was going on. Finally, I told him, and he went to see if my grandma was ok. 



We forgot about my brother he wasn’t upstairs however he wasn’t in the house. We went to see if we could open the door as soon as we got to the door, we could open it.Accordingly, it was my brother pranking us.  

What am i looking forward in year 6

I am looking forward to year 6 because i am house caption and i am looking forward to all the new things that we are going to do in year 6.                         


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